Boeing 777 advances

From: (Phil Jessel)
Organization: NU
Date:         18 Jan 96 14:50:31 
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I remember, anecdotally, several "firsts" and such claimed
by Boeing for their 777 airliner, and was wondering if
anyone could confirm, deny, or add to these:

-The main landing gear trucks are the largest titanium
parts in the world.  This may need some caveats, like
"largest aerospace part" or "largest at time of launch."

-Alcoa developed an aluminum alloy specifically for the
777, in cooperation with Boeing.  Anyone know the alloy

-The 777 wing is the first to use a new, thicker airfoil.

-The 777 uses more composites than any other Boeing air-
liner.  Less than most military planes, of course,
and probably less than some Airbuses.  But I do remember
that the cabin floor and beams were composite.  Logic
would dictate that the tail surfaces and wingtips would
be composite, for trickle-down effects.  Is this indeed
the case?

-I believe the 777 is the first Boeing with laser gyros,
though once again I find it hard to believe no one else
did first.  Same goes for flat-panel displays.  Anyone
know if the gyros were ring or fiber-optic?

Thanks to anyone who knows and can help.

Rene Carlos					Northwestern University Langley Research Center