Re: Subsidies now 727/Trident

From: (Alain Deckers)
Organization: University of Manchester
Date:         15 Mar 96 01:05:26 
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Robert Dorsett ( wrote:

>: One thing the Europeans never were very good at, though, was selling
>: airliners. [...]

No serious point intended with the following, just light relief. ;-)

Ian McIntyre's book "Dogfight - The Transatlantic Battle over Airbus",
which is rather entertaining in addition to informative, contains a
number of anecdotes describing the tricks used by Airbus folks to sell
aircraft. Here's one of them:

[See pp. 39-40 of McIntyre's book]: In the mid-70s, Airbus & Boeing
were trying to sell to Air India. It was apparently a tough
competition (aren't they all?) and Bernard Lathiere, Airbus's MD at
the time, flew to India "and pulled out all the stops", in McIntyre's
words. Lathiere was born in Calcutta, his father having worked there
for Michelin, and had once travelled on the same ship as Mahatma
Ghandi.  On arriving in India, he informed Air India's MD that it was
his birthday. "Then, with a nicely judged sense of theatre, Lathiere
took out his wallet and produced his trump card. It was a faded
snapshot of Mahatma Ghandi ... The photo showed the Mahatma at his
spinning wheel. The small fingure standing beside him was the future
boss of Airbus, aged three and a half. That evening, in a Dehli
Restaurant, [Air India's MD] joined in the celebrations-Happy
Birthday, dear Bernard ... There are many ways of selling aircraft."

How about that! Not very good at selling aircraft? ;-)




Alain Deckers