Re: FMS capability (and Enhanced GPWS)

From: (Ralph Ricks )
Organization: Netcom
Date:         15 Mar 96 01:05:25 
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In <airliners.1996.282@ohare.Chicago.COM> (Ed
Hahn) writes:

>In any case, the FMS does not have terrain data available to it, and
>the current avionics industry development is leaning more toward
>giving the GPWS a terrain data base, and to leave the FMS alone...

Won't the Enhanced GPWS have the same constraints of proving the
integrity of the database that the FMS would have?
What about the integrity of the GPS sensor, or whatever is used to
determine the plane's location within the database?

GPWS has saved countless lives, but it has repeatedly proven itself as
incapable of providing sufficient warning in many CFIT accidents.
Therefore it is inadequate as a fallback system if the database based
system should fail to warn.

You can't just say, "If one system doesn't work, then MAYBE the other