Re: MD-11F vs. 747-400F Design Philosophies

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Date:         14 Mar 96 17:49:33 
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>You should drop the short-term SUD for Stretched Upper Deck  like
>Boeing did when someone told them that SUD in medical terms stands for
>Sudden Unexplained Death. The designation then was changed to EUD for
>Extended Upper Deck

The recent references that I've seen still list the modified -200s as
-200(SUD) models.  As far as I know, the -200(EUD) designation applied
originally to aircraft which were built with the extended upper deck.
These aircraft were subsequently redesignated 747-300.

None of this is official, but I find it hard to believe that Boeing
would change designations because of the medical terminology as you
suggest.  It would probably be impossible to come up with a TLA that
does NOT have some unpleasant meaning in *some* context.

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