Re: Airbus A3XX---vapor plane?

From: (Jay Vassos-Libove)
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Date:         14 Mar 96 17:49:33 
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I rarely find myself in disagreement with Robert, but in this
case I wonder -- he says that "for anyone to attempt a *new* design
is madness" ... but Boeing just did exactly that with the 777.

Why is attempting a new design in any large, expensive, relatively
limited market area by its very nature a recipe for madness/disaster?

Robert Dorsett ( wrote:
: In article <airliners.1996.309@ohare.Chicago.COM> carvalho@phoenix.Princeton.EDU (Tassio A. Carvalho) writes:
: >That only happens because the 747 has been around for a long time.
: >The A3XX is Airbus' self destruction button.
: >Boeing's own production estimates for the 747 derivatives
: >look pretty conservative (~25/year).
: The May 27, 1978 issue of FLIGHT INTERNATIONAL (back when the magazine was
: actually pretty cool) had a story in which they discussed Boeing's finally
: having recovered its development and production costs on the 747--at the
: 400-airplane mark.
: Even adjusted for inflation, development costs for a new airplane are going
: to be astronomical, and for anyone to attempt a *new* design is madness,
: assuming that the development and production costs are to be provided by
: actual sales of the product.

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