Re: 757 flight recorder located

From: (John Witherspoon)
Organization: The American University
Date:         14 Mar 96 17:49:28 
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In article <airliners.1996.303@ohare.Chicago.COM> (John Bay) writes:

[about flight recorders]

>To carry the thought a step further (and perhaps to extremes), does current
>technology make it feasible for airliners to transmit their operating
>parameters to the ground in real time?

Sure it would, just as 18 wheel trucks are often equipped with senders
that transmit the driver's speed, etc. back to the office via satellite.

The only problem would probably be that the pilots' unions would probably
howl.  Both cockpit voice and data are collected during flights, and
I have read that some pilots are so concerned about somebody playing
back the last 30 minutes of their otherwise private flightdeck
conversations (i.e. when not talking to ATC) that they go to the
black (really orange) boxes in the back of the plane (where they're more
likely to survive a crach) and press the "purge" button, erasing the
tape so nobody can come aboard and listen to it.  Don't ask me if it's
even possible to get at the audio without removing the box and taking it
to a lab...