Re: A second 757 crash -- off the Dominican coast

From: (Mark Krotz)
Organization: Evergreen Communications, Phoenix, Arizona
Date:         07 Mar 96 02:06:22 
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In article <airliners.1996.289@ohare.Chicago.COM>, (Jim Strain) wrote:
>What sort of mis-fueling did you envision?  Are there now different kinds
>of jet fuel?  I know it's been a lot of years since I was a ramp rat, but
>it still *smells* like the same stuff to me.  The only fuels I remember
>ever seeing (and they powered ALL kinds of aircraft) were JP5 (successor
>to the old JP4) which was and is basically kerosene, and 115/145 AV-GAS

There is actually an Airworthiness Directive out prohibiting the use of
JP4 in a number of turbine powered aircraft (including the Boeing 737).
If I remember right, it has to do with the fuel controls not liking
the difference in specific gravity of the two different fuels, which
has actually resulted in in-flight flameouts.  JP4 is still available as
far as I know, and JetA is in common use in most civil turbine aircraft.

A&P, Comm-Multi-inst.  CFII-MEI