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From:         Robert.Biddle@Comp.VUW.AC.NZ (Robert Biddle)
Date:         07 Mar 96 02:04:36 
Organization: Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand.
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There was some discussion recently about L1011s, and just now
I was reading another thread about conversions between freight
and passenger configurations of other aircraft.
This reminds me of a question I had long ago about the L1011:

When it was launched, a big deal was made about its very spacious
headroom in the passenger cabin: it was illustrated in Lockheed
advertisements, and I've talked to people who enthused about it.
And it seemed spacious to when when I flew on my only L1011 trip
(on Air Canada).

My question is: how was extra headroom justified?
Would it reduce the L1011's cargo capability?
Or -- possibly -- improve it?

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