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>What Variant were the models built for PSA log ago that had the lounge
>downstairs and the folding stairs into the belly?

They presumably had the standard MGTOW and fuel tankage (for intra-
California use, PSA would not have needed extra fuel!) as they had the
standard L-1011-385-1 designation.  The only way you can tell them
from others is their customer code, a 193L- prefix in the MSN.

>One (maybe two) were sold to Worldways Canada and another one (maybe two) to
>This was a strange variant and only three were built.

I had always thought there were three, but in fact there were *five*
aircraft built for PSA:


The first two flew with PSA for several years before being returned to
Lockheed.  They were converted to TriStar 100 specs and eventually
ended up with Worldways.  The other three went straight from Lockheed
into storage until 1977, at which time they were delivered to PSA (in
March, May, and October, respectively) and sold to LTU the following
day.  These aircraft were not converted from TriStar 1 specs (1114 was
destroyed by fire in 1991 while undergoing maintenance at Dusseldorf).
Since they never actually flew for PSA, they may not have had the
lower lounge and folding stairs.

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