Busy January 18

From:         Jim Martin <jimartin@gate.net>
Date:         18 Jan 96 14:50:27 
Organization: JiMartin Inc.
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AA had A300 MIASJU take severe turbulence over NAS.  Flight continued on
to SJU with some pax taken to the hospital...1 critical.   Question I
had was that if the aircraft was around NAS (Nassau) why continue on to
SJU (San Juan) when MIA (Miami) is closer?
TW had an accidental aft ventral stair deployment in flight from St
Louis to San Antonio.  These are the same stairs used by the famous DB
Cooper hijack and parachute jump.  Apparently member of cockpit crew was
tethered and opened rear bulkhead door into the open stairway to actuate
the stair closing mechanism.