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Date:         29 Feb 96 02:04:14 
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>In addition to 707 production depending on the KC135, one source
>(which I can dig up) I have read claims the DC-10 did not have enough
>(commercial) orders to justify production until the U.S. gov't
>stepped in with a request for the KC-10.

I've heard that the KC-10 order kept the production line going,
without which the MD-11 might never have been built.  However,
claims that the KC-10 order allowed the DC-10 to be produced in
the first place are absurd -- the very first KC-10 was the 311th
airframe off the DC-10/KC-10/MD-11 line and first flew nearly a
decade after the first DC-10 flight.  I don't know exactly when
the first KC-10 order was placed, but even with the inefficiency
of the U.S. Government's purchasing bureaucracy, a nearly 15 year
order-to-delivery cycle is not believable.

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