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From: (Jean-Francois Mezei)
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Date:         29 Feb 96 02:04:14 
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In article <airliners.1996.160@ohare.Chicago.COM>, (Robert Dorsett) writes:
> First off, Airbus Industrie is a consortium of companies.  It is not
> a private corporation.  Many of the people complaining probably have
> difficulty comprehending the notion that a major industrial player
> can operate independently of the state, but, hey, it happens in the
> United States.  It is not always the best thing in the world, but it
> certainly does happen.

Excuse my ignorance, but could someone *PLEASE* post a comprehensive list of
the members of that consortium and a note on whether each member is:
	-privately held
	-crown corporation (shares owned by government)
	-division of government (operates out of govt budgets)

As I understand it, a consortium is a bunch of companies getting together to
build something. A consortium does not necessarily mean that it is government
owned or controlled.

Just because the EU governments decided to team up and produce something which
could compete against the USA and gave mandates to selected companies to get
together and build something does not necessarily mean that the consortium is
"government owned".

So, until someone posts a comprehensive list of members of Airbus, and
what type and how much of government financial help was given out, it is rather
pointless to debate Airbus based on the urban myth that it is government owned,
government controlled, subsidised to the neck, highly inefficient, staffed by
bureaucrats etc etc etc.