Re: Subsidies now 727/Trident

From:         Ian Judge <>
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Date:         29 Feb 96 02:04:13 
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Robert Dorsett ( wrote:

: One thing the Europeans never were very good at, though, was selling
: airliners.  The Comet flopped.  The Trident was sunk by the 727 (on the
: 727's own merits).  The Caravelle never really sold well.  What was
: really going on in the late 1960s was a bad case of airliner envy.

The Comet failed because so little was known of metal fatigue and stress.
The Trident was originally planned the same size as the B727 but BEA were
tied to buying British built aircraft and wanted it smaller. If the
original Trident had been built the size of the T3 and with decent engines
instead of the total oil loss system booster engine the competition may
have been a little more interesting.


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