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Date:         28 Dec 96 14:20:12 
From:         kls@ohare.Chicago.COM (Karl Swartz)
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>It seems that the computer, with the altitude level, was in landing
>configuration and the computer "wanted" to land.

I thought the "landing mode" theory had been debunked long ago.

>In his book, he said that the BEA (french NTSB) and Airbus made
>mofidification on  black boxes. But he coud not prove it.

The Equinox (BBC program similar to stuff on the Discovery Channel)
program on the A320 included video of the CVR and FDR in the trunk,
er, boot of a car shortly after the accident.  As you'd expect from
their age and the type of accident, both were in very good condition.

Despite that, the few outsiders who have been allowed to see the boxes
which the French government still has under high security storage have
said they are badly damaged and look nothing like what's in the video.

The Equinox show also includes an extensive interview with a former UK
accident investigator who looked at CVR and FDR data and found what
appeared to be a gap of several seconds in the FDR data, right at a
critical time.  The implication was that someone tampered with the
data, perhaps removing key pieces which might substantiate Asseline's
claims that the plane didn't do what he commanded.

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