Re: MD-17 vs. MD-11F/DC-10F

Date:         28 Dec 96 14:20:12 
From: (Ben)
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>>> The MD-17 (commercial C-17) may lift greater weights, and has that
>>> nice rear cargo door for really big stuff.  I don't see where either
>>> is of great value to a package carrier like FedEx or UPS, though.
>Perhaps, but that cargo ramp costs weight, and complexity. While the ground
>equipment bay be expensive, it is nothing compared to what it costs in an
>aircraft, or the cost of flying it a few million miles a year.(not to
>mention that a mechanical problem with renders an aircraft that costs 100
>million dollars or so useless until it is fixed!

Airbus proposed A300 600ST "BELUGA" to FEDEX and UPS but they refused
due to the cost and the poor return on investment.

I think HEAVYLIFT which is the best consumer for this type of aircraft
prefers to used AN 114.

CARGOLUX which used 747 400F said that they have lot of difficulties
to rentabilised this aircraft.

So the potentiel market for MD 17 seems to be unexistant for
traditional uses.