Re: 737: Take-off without flaps?

Date:         28 Dec 96 14:20:11 
From:         "Mark E. Ingram" <>
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On 12 Dec 1996, Art Intemann wrote:

> Andrew Goldfinger wrote:
> >
> > So -- if you are in a commercial jet and arrive at the runway with the
> > flaps not deployed, what should you do?  Call for the flight attendent as
> > urgently as you can, or sit back and do nothing?
> Sit back and do nothing.
> Some days you eat the bear.
> Some days the bear eats you...
> As soon as the throttles are advanced for takeoff, a warning horn
> will alert the crew if the flaps are not in a takeoff position.

I think that the whole point of this thread, originally, was that had
there been an alert flap-watcher on the Northwest MD-80 in Detroit (DTW),
or on the Delta B-727 in Dallas (DFW), a lot of lives might have been

In both cases, the takeoff warning systems failed to do their jobs.

Mark E. Ingram

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