Re: Cargo door theory TWA 800 and others

Date:         28 Dec 96 14:20:11 
From: (John Liebson)
Organization: ISFSI
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  or MIME structure (Simon Craig) wrote:

>My goodness!  So an airspeed increase caused the cargo door to blow out.
>Extraordinary.  This theory is only a little more ludicrous than the very
>dangerous "empty centre wing tank" theory, you know - "All those vapours
>in an empty tank are more dangerous than a full tank."

How familiar are you with fire, explosions, etc? Your statement
appears to say that a full tank is not less dangerous that a
partially-filled one; my experience in the fire service would lead me
to a greatly different conclusion than that.

Are you aware of such things as lower/upper explosive limits for
vapours of various sorts, for example?