Re: A330/340 vs. B777

Date:         28 Dec 96 14:20:08 
From: (Arthur Dent)
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>         Judging by what I have read in a couple of places (Flight
> International, most notably) it does indeed seem that the launch
> of the 767-400ERX is fairly imminent, and yes, Delta does keep
> getting mentioned. As for the range, two questions. Firstly, how
> fixed is the design. If Delta were to push hard for the bigger
> engine, could it still end up on the plane? Secondly, is the engine
> really the limiting factor with respect to range, or is the problem
> wing area? Diagrams of the -400ERX that I have seen show an extended
> wing with 747-400 style winglets, which is going to increase the lift
> somewhat but I would have thought that the wing was just about pushed
> it its limit. In short, is the wing going to be able to lift the
> weight necessary to get the full A330-200 range even if the aircraft
> has bigger engines?

AvWeek (working off a Boeing release presumably), shows a 6ft wing
extension then 8ft long canted winglets. They also show current 62k
engines, 132in fwd fuselage extension, 121in aft extension, strengthened
wing, a 5,700 nmi range w/245 passengers, and new wheels, tires, & brakes.
(p32 12/16/96)

'Arthur Dent' (Don't Panic, it's a pseudonym)