Re: Unusual/Airbus TV Ad?

Date:         28 Dec 96 14:20:08 
From:         "Speedster" <>
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Brian Wiklem <> wrote in article
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> I have never seen ads on TV for aircraft by an aircraft company,
> and was wondering if:
> 1.  Anyone else has seen these?

I haven't seen the particular ad you mention, but I recall many years ago,
back in the early '70's, when Boeing ran ads touting the virtues of its
then new 747 aircraft.  The size of the new superjet was heavily touted and
in fact the Harlem Globetrotters basketball team was portrayed  clowning
around inside the cabin, doing their act.  I lived in Victoria B.C. at the
time and we received American programming out of Seattle.  Whether this ads
ran nationally, I do not know, however I  would think that Boeing wouldn't
have to sell itself in the State of Washington!

Air Canada ran similar ads in the early 80's to promote their addition of
767's to the fleet.  Of course we haven't seen these for many years, due no
doubt in part to the Gimli glider incident.