Re: MD-11F vs. 747-400F Design Philosophies

From: (Christopher Davis)
Organization: Venus Equilateral Communications Company
Date:         29 Feb 96 01:24:24 
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EC> == Eric Chevalier <>

 EC> I've seen a number of MD-11 freighters that seem to have all eight
 EC> passenger doors and metal window plugs.  I get the impression that
 EC> the operators of these aircraft may have wanted something that could
 EC> be relatively easily converted to passenger use if the cargo market
 EC> didn't pan out.

Unlikely (I don't know of any market for cargo -> pax conversions, other
than stuff like the military does with web seats for troops).  More
likely (given the number of pax MD-11s already converted to cargo) is that
the aircraft you saw were originally built as passenger aircraft.

(This brings up an interesting question, though; are cargo conversions
typically left with some or all passenger exit doors fitted, or are they
more often removed and replaced with fixed panels to save weight?)
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