Re: Fear of Flying

Date:         27 Dec 96 13:32:22 
From:         Steve Lacker <>
Organization: applied research laboratories
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Tim Long wrote:
> M Carling wrote:
> > The probability of one engine failing in mid-flight on a 747 is less than 1
> > in 1000.
> I doubt it's that high. I recently flew a KLM 747 LAX to Amsterdam and I
> asked the pilot how often he had had single engine failures. He stated
> that he had NEVER had a single failure in his airline career!

Just to add to the pile of anecdotes...

I remember reading an article on the general subject of ETOPS a few
years ago. A 767 captain was interviewed, and he remarked that in his
many hours of flying the 767 (I forget the number...) he had never had
an unplanned engine shutdown. He then went on to contrast that with his
early career, flying freight on Constellations (Or was it DC-7's?) in
the early 60s.  He reconted a >single takeoff roll< during which there
was a fire warning on one engine, loss of oil pressure on another, and
overspeed on another. I seem to recall that one engine did perform
normally but I'm not even positive about that. (one could arguue that
the other three performed "normally" for R-3350s... :-)

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