Re: McDonnell Douglas & Boeing To Merge -- Press Release Text

Date:         27 Dec 96 13:32:21 
From: (Robert Dorsett)
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>  "Niraj Agarwalla" writes:
>>Airbus said that they would try to block the deal?  To they have a case?
>Further to my repky where I said I hadn't heard anything about the above,
>I now read that the `EU Commission may block the deal if it affects

It's interesting, but nowhere have I seen any stated intent by Condit
et al to "destroy" Airbus.  However, the literature is rife with comments
by Airbus's head, Jean Pierson, to the effect that his mission in life is
to "bury" Boeing.  Such comments were only ameliorated after the recent
orders by US carriers, probably out of fear that they could be considered

So if it comes down to "anticompetitive" pressures, we have one organization
with the destruction (or, more realistically, containment) of its opponent
as a central component of its business plan and a reason for its existence,
and the other company trying to turn a buck for its shareholders.

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