Re: A second 757 crash -- off the Dominican coast

From: (Jim Wolper)
Organization: Idaho State University
Date:         29 Feb 96 01:24:23 
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>transports (C135/707).  On the other hand, if by "mis-fueling" you mean
>putting AV-GAS in a jet, I can't imagine the thing starting without a big
>time compressor fire.

Jets can run on avgas, but piston engines will suffer from detonation
and severe loss of power if run on kerosene (jet fuels).  For example,
the Garret engines in the Swearingen metroliner are allowed a certain
amount of avgas per overhaul cycle (I don't remember the number
but it is something on the order of a few hundred gallons).  On
the other hand, most any piston engine would be destroyed quickly
by kerosene.

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