Re: Boeing 777 - Totally Irresponsible?

Date:         27 Dec 96 13:32:19 
From:         jfmezei <>
Organization: SPC
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Bernie Gracy, Jr. wrote:
> He went on to say that because of the millions of lines of code written
> for the 777 that it would be impossible to test all of the failure
> conditions, and therefore was irresponsible to design and deploy such an
> aircraft.  He vowed never to fly on one...

1-	How much of the 777's code is actually *NEW* ????? I.E. how much
	of the code in a 777 actually brand spanking new and instead of
	pieces adopted from previous aircrafts or code which resides in
	components that have existed for a long time already ?

	For instance, did they rewrite the actual autopilot code to
	determine where the plane is and where it should go (waypoints
	etc) ? Or did they just adapt code from the 747-400 (Boeing's last
	new plane prior to the 777).

2-	While Boeing and Airbus do not work together, Boeing was able to
	learn much from Airbus' experience with its first FBW plane, the
	A320 and Boeing knew about the types of problems that could be
	expected and hence was able to better focus its tests. In the same
	vein, the FAA was also able to better judge the reliability of
	the 777. When the A320 came out, the certifying agencies never
	thought that adjusting cabin temperature might affect the thrust
	of engines, so they never thought about testing that. But now,
	they know that these bugs can occur, so testing is more complete.