Re: Boeing 777 - Totally Irresponsible?

Date:         27 Dec 96 13:32:19 
From: (MegaZone)
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"Bernie Gracy, Jr." <> shaped the electrons to say:
>He went on to say that because of the millions of lines of code written
>for the 777 that it would be impossible to test all of the failure
>conditions, and therefore was irresponsible to design and deploy such an
>aircraft.  He vowed never to fly on one...

He's paranoid.

The military has been using FBW for many years now.

He better not fly on any modern Airbus either then - they are FBW.

Both the 757 and 767 have electronic flight management systems.

See, it's called redundancy.  Most of the time there are at least 3, usually
4 or more, systems for each task.  And on critical cases different software
is run on the different systems.  So that you can *never* have a single
point of failure in the code cause a crititcal failure.  You would have to
have *all* systems fail in the same way at the same time, despite the
different code.  The odds of that are incomprehensible.

Take the Space Shuttle.  It has 5 main computers.  To my knowledge there
has never been a simultaneous failure that threatened a mission due to

No one is stupid enough to fly an airfraft with FBW without redundant systems
and with the possibility of universal code failure.

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