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Date:         27 Dec 96 13:32:18 
From: (Gerard Foley)
Organization: The Greater Columbus Free-Net
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Kian-Tat Lim ( wrote:
: In article <>,
: Andrew Weir  <100637.616@CompuServe.COM> wrote:
: >It seems to me, [...] that if the accident rate is to continue to fall,
: >aviation regulators [...] may have to insist on all those myriad
: >recommendations made by investigators over the years that have not been
: >acted upon, e.g.  rear-facing seats, full cargo hold fire detection,
: >smoke hoods, cabin and/or cargo hold fire suppression systems,
: >greater impact friendliness of the airframe, and much more efficient
: >incident reporting.

: 	Most of the suggestions made above, though undoubtedly made by
: safety authorities, have more to do with *survivability* in the event
: of a crash than *crash prevention*.


   Promotion of survivability reminds passengers that accidents happen.
The more obtrusive the survival equipment, the less likely it is that
anyone will let it got aboard a commercial aircraft.