Re: 757 flight recorder located

From: (John Bay)
Organization: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center -- Greenbelt, Maryland USA
Date:         29 Feb 96 01:24:23 
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John Bay ( wrote:
: Robert Ashcroft (rna@gsb-birr.Stanford.EDU) wrote:
: : News item in the newspaper today (Feb 16) said that the flight
: : recorder from the Alas/Birgenair 757 had been located on the seabed
: : 12 miles away from the Dominican Republic.  They can now get on with
: : the business of recovery via robot submarine.

: Would it be possible to make a flight recorder that would transmit all its
: stored data upon request, thereby eliminating the necessity to physically
: recover the box?

To carry the thought a step further (and perhaps to extremes), does current
technology make it feasible for airliners to transmit their operating
parameters to the ground in real time?

John G. Bay
Hughes STX, 7701 Greenbelt Rd., Suite 400, Greenbelt, MD  20770