Re: NTSB announcement regarding flight 800

Date:         27 Dec 96 04:41:07 
From:         "t. smith" <>
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Chris Pollard wrote:
> So why did they waste all the money on anti terrorism measures when they
> could have put it in the bank and then used it to upgrade the planes?

This is a loaded question, and one obviously answered with the familiar:
"politics and human nature, and money."

  It was good poltico for Clinton to sign a bill at the White House with
TWA800 victim onlookers (politics). Its uncomfortable for anyone to
believe an otherwise non-sabotaged airplane can simply cart along for a
while and then blow up ( human nature ).  A maintenance accident is
economically dreadful for the airlines, and thus the manufacturers too,
because it focuses attention on the maintenance side of the industry,
which has been implicitly deregulated in this decade and constitutes for
most operators, their future 'profit center' (money).  Society,
especially American society, has always been best when polarized against
some outside enemy, so the missile/bomb was easier to want ( human
nature). The anti-terrorism measures spelled out in the omnibus FAA
Reauth Act and other superfluous terrorism-laws of late, will be paid
mostly by Uncle Sam ( us, the taxpayers ) and not by the owners of the
airlines ( money ).  The ATA and other pro-business lobbying groups saw
missile-bomb as a more attractive end, for the above reasons but also
for the old trickery of 'diversion': the more time the FAA wastes on
dogs, expensive bomb detectors, instant passenger computer profiles,
pre-employment psychiatric sociological screenings, etc..etc...the less
time/money it has to spend on reinstituting integrity back into the
airliner maintenance regime.
    No matter how its sliced up, one thing is for certain in all of
this: there are NO winners except dynamite-sniffer-dog companies and
those fancy x-ray machine guys.
...and the FBI people writing programs that spit out our entire personal
histories everytime we buy a plane ticket.
  And all this probably due to a corroded bonding wire on an old, tired
airplane, flown by a hurting company in a dangerous time.