Aer Lingus Viscount "shot down" by RAF

Date:         27 Dec 96 04:41:07 
From:         Michael Carley <>
Organization: Dept. of Maths, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland.
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The first thing that comes up when you do an Altavista
search for +"Aer Lingus" +Viscount is an Irish Times
story from 27/3/96 with little gems like

`publication of declassified British military files which,
they [campaigners] say, support claims that test missiles
fired from a military base off the Welsh coast could have
been responsible for the tragedy'

`Eye-witnesses reported seeing a second aircraft of the type
used as targets by the RAF in the area. But the British
authorities have consistently denied that the missile testing
site at Aberporth was operational that day.

A newly-released report, however, shows that the RAF base was
using and had problems during the late 1960s with missiles
designed to carry out interceptions up to the height at which
the airliner was flying.

The recently declassified report shows that missiles used at
the time logged a 25 per cent failure rate, often locked on
to the wrong targets and travelled out of the range danger area.'

So it suddenly looks a whole lot more plausible, doesn't

You can find the report (there isn't much more hard information
than these extracts but it's worth a look) at

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