summary of civilian airliners attacked by military forces

Date:         27 Dec 96 04:41:07 
From: (Jonathan Thornburg)
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In article <airliners.1996.2793@ohare.Chicago.COM>, Doug Rudoff
<> pointed out an often-overlooked "other" incident
when "another" KAL flight was shot down by the USSR air force.

In fact, there have been (that I know of) 4 major incidents of this
type (civilian passenger flight attacked by military forces) in recent

	Feb 1973
	a Libyan airline
	Boeing 707 (727 ??), 113 people on board
	attacked by Israel air force
	crashed in Sinai peninsula
	108 dead

	20 Apr 1978
	Korean Air Lines flight 902 (Paris --> Seoul)
	Boeing 707, 110 people on board (97 passengers, 13 crew)
	attacked by USSR air force
	crash-landed near Kem, 450 km S. of Murmansk
	2 dead, 13 injured

	1 Sep 1983
	Korean Air Lines flight 007 (New York --> Anchorage --> Seoul)
	Boeing 747, 265 (269 ??) people on board
	attacked by USSR air force
	crashed near Sakhalin island
	no survivors

	3 Jul 1988
	Iran Air (??)
	Airbus A310 (A300 ??), 290 people on board
	attacked by US navy (USS Vincennes)
	crashed in Persian Gulf
	no survivors

The 1983 KAL incident has been the subject of numerous books, of

	Seymour M Hersh
	"The Target is Destroyed"
	Vantage (Random House), New York, 1986, 1987
	ISBN 0-394-75527-8 (pbk)

seems to have a particularly solid basis, including a good bibliography.

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