Re: Help ID Piedmont Propeller Planes, Please

Date:         27 Dec 96 04:41:07 
From:         John Witherspoon <>
Organization: Case Western Reserve University School of Law
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  or MIME structure was kind enough to write to me in e-mail that:

The answer to your Myrtle Beach [Piedmont Airlines] question is the YS-11.
Today, I pulled out two OAG's (Official Airline Guides) that I've saved.
The first is dated 9/15/72, the second is 5/1/78.

Scheduled service into Myrtle Beach at 9/15/72 consisted of 7 nonstop
flights daily.  All were flown by YS-11's. There was one flight from
Atlanta, one from Fayetteville, two from Florence, one from New Bern, and
two from Wilmington, NC.

The one flight from Fayetteville was flight # 950.  Interestingly enough,
the flight originated in Cincinnati at 9:45 am. Six stops later, it arrived
at M.Beach at 2:46 pm.

By 5/1/78, Piedmont's scheduled had changed and grown into M.Beach.
Scheduled service now increased to 12 nonstop flights daily.  They were
flown by a combination of B-737's and YS-11's [this would be after
commercial service moved to the MB Air Force Base].  The flights included
three from Atlanta (2-737's/1-YS-11), one flight from Charlotte (YS-11),
three flights from Fayetteville (all 737's), one flight from Kinston
(YS-11), one flight from LaGuardia (B-737), and three flights from
Wilmington (all YS-11's).

By the way, the YS-11's were large turboprops, but they only had two
engines.  I did give some consideration initially, that the flights into
M.Beach were older M-404's (twin engine piston props), or FH-227's (twin
engine turboprops/sometimes confused with F-27's).  But my records indicate
that most if not all of the Martin 404's were out of Piedmont's fleet by
the end of 1969.  The FH-227's/F-27's were still in the Piedmont inventory
at 9/15/72, but they were being phased out in favor of the newer and larger

Hope this helps.