Unusual/Airbus TV Ad?

Date:         27 Dec 96 04:41:05 
From:         Brian Wiklem <brian_wiklem@interactive.sony.com>
Organization: Sony Interactive Studios
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While watching Primetime Live last night (Washington D.C. feed, via
during two of the commercial breaks, there were two (2) Airbus
ads touting the A330...

One featured the business class section in how they 'eliminate'
the middle man (middle seat)

The second ad touted the economy class elimination of the fifth
seat, which was the other middle man.

I have never seen ads on TV for aircraft by an aircraft company,
and was wondering if:

1.  Anyone else has seen these?
2.  Is Airbus trying to target some Airline Executive who might be
3.  Trying to get us travelers to write to the airlines we fly and
    ask them to order the A330?
4.  Hoping Bill Gates is watching and will place an order?

I just find it very unusual, and I haven't seen them on any other
network channels.

Anyone else have a different experience?