Re: Aer Lingus Viscount, 1968 (was: KAL shot down by USSR ...)

Date:         27 Dec 96 04:41:04 
From:         ifly <>
Organization: Indigo
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The fact that it was accidental is of little consequence to the people
who died. That the british Government covered it up is a disgrace, to say
the least. Why the hell are they (still) playing with deadly weapons in
close proximity to civil aircraft and surface population?
In 1995, an engine from a Gloster meteor was retrieved From the exact
spot where witnesses (about 7 saw the collision) saw the orange
(drone) aircraft fall into the sea. Because of the fragile state of
affairs between our nations at the moment, little has been made of this.
The British military/government has a history of covering up military
accidents. Fishing boats, both British and foreign, are sunk fairly
regularly by their (and other nation`s) submarines. They routinely deny
this (unlike the US Navy, who make a habit of owning up) until presented
with evidence that forces them. The reason? Who knows. But the widows of
those fishermen still have not ben compensed, nor have the victims of the
Lingus accident.
After the Viscount went in, The British Navy offered to assist in the
recovery of the aircraft. They lifted it, nearly intact, had a good look,
and then dropped it. This isn`t innuendo, it`s a fact. When the Aircraft
was recovered again the tail section was missing, and it was never
recovered. The reassembled AC was found to have a streak of orange paint
on the top of the fuselage which couldn`t be accounted for.
The British have consistently maintained that no activity took place in
the ranges in either Wales or the Irish sea on that, or any other Sunday.
When advertising their missiles after the falklands war, however,they
released in the advertising the dates of numerous uses of these ranges on
Sundays in and around the date of the Accident.

As for the interest worldwide?

What do most people, (including pilots and others in the industry) know
of most accidents that take place in places of little concern to  them?
Do you know, for example about a Midair collision between an NAF fighter
and a Nigerian Airways F27, for example? . Or from the same country a
Fokker 28 that crashed on approach to Enugu?
I admit that I wouldn`t if I had not been in country at the time.
How many freighters crash unnoticed. The DC8 at Guantanamo, for example.
This is an accident that is screaming about a deficiency in US far`s and
noone outside the industry gives a toss. Noone was killed in it. Even if
they were,it would only be the crew, right?
My original point was that only the flashy accidents get public opinion
whipped up enough to make drastic (and admittedly often inappropriate)

J Morris