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Date:         27 Dec 96 04:41:03 
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>The Habsheim crash was during a revenue passenger flight, there
>were over 150 passengers on board.

I have Michel Asseline's book (he was the captain of the flight).
Unfortunately it's in French (imagine that!) of which I can only
understand a small fraction, and that's on a good day.

>From what I can figure out from there and other sources, it was a
sightseeing flight.  Revenue, perhaps, though not a regularly
scheduled revenue flight.

>   The A330 flight was in an uncertified airplane, intentionally
>inducing fault conditions multiple times during the flight.
>The persons on board were at least engineers or pilots.

The seven people aboard the flight were:

   Nick Warner, Airbus Industrie chief test pilot
   Michel Cais, Air Inter A320 instructor
   Jean-Pierre Petit, Airbus Industrie flight test engineer
   Philippe Tournoux, Airbus Industrie operations/training group manager
   Keith Hulse, Airbus Industrie market analysis manager
   Alberto Nassetti, Alitalia MD-80 captain
   Pier Paolo Racchetti, Alitalia MD-80 captain

It's not clear to me that Tournoux and Hulse were engineers or
pilots.  Neither they nor the two Alitalia pilots had any business
aboard a test flight -- they were merely observers, or passengers.
Simply holding a pilot's license does not, IMO, make one part of
the flight crew.

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