Re: Air Safety (was Re: A3xx vs B747-600)

Date:         27 Dec 96 04:41:03 
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> The inclusion of the A320 crash at Habsheim but not the A330 crash at
> Toulouse seems odd, too.  The Habsheim flight was a demonstration
> flight, not an airline flight, though the aircraft had been delivered
> to Air France three days prior to the crash.  While the A330 flight
> was officially a test flight, it was also serving as a demonstration
> flight -- only three of the seven people aboard were involved in the
> flight testing, so at least four "passengers" were killed.

   The Habsheim crash was during a revenue passenger flight, there
were over 150 passengers on board.  Had the hot-dogging pilot not
piled the airplane in, they would have continued on to a destination.
   Of course, he had no business doing what he did with a heavy load
of people and fuel.
   The A330 flight was in an uncertified airplane, intentionally
inducing fault conditions multiple times during the flight.
The persons on board were at least engineers or pilots.
   Probably neither should count.

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