Re: Air Safety (was Re: A3xx vs B747-600)

Date:         27 Dec 96 04:41:03 
From:         Tom Bean <>
Organization: myself
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Todd Curtis wrote:
> Thanks to a friend of mine, I was made aware of an ongoing debate about
> my site.  I am the sole author of The Air Safety Home Page, and I am
> willing and able to respond to any question about it.  When I started the
> site, I did so with the intent of taking a passenger eye view of risk.
> When I am a passenger, I care most about the chance that I will be
> seriously injured or killed while I am a passenger.

Consider this quote from "Survival in the Skies":

"If you boarded a different plane every day it would take on
average 26,000 years for you to be in a crash and even then
you would probably be a survivor"

Tom Bean
 "I fly because it releases my mind from the
  tyranny of petty things."
                         Antoine de St-Exupery