Re: Airbus on a roll

Date:         27 Dec 96 04:41:03 
From:         Robert Carpenter <>
Organization: Posted via CAIS Internet <>
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jfmezei wrote:
> McElravy wrote:
> > I have heard a lot about the possibility of a USAir 777 order. The best
> > reason for getting them is the status symbol value.
> While the 777 may be trendy right now, (UA was boasting its 777 last
> year in adverts in the UK for instance), I doubt that the 777 will
> remain a "status symbol" for long and the 747 will rightfully retake the
> honours eventually.

When United's 777s were very new, I was waiting to board a 767 at an
adjacent gate at CDG - just after the Paris Air Show.  While waiting for
the gate people to solve some problem for me, I talked to a fellow
"problem" passenger who had been at the Air Show as a professional

The 777 eventually left.

When I mentioned to the Professional Aviation Photographer that the 777
had left, he commented that I hadn't noticed that the departing plane
was a 777, not just another 767.

So much for being a status symbol.  United promoted the 777 heavily, but
didn't bother to mark them so that passengers could tell one when they
saw it.

Bob Carpenter