Re: SAS ditching near LAX

Date:         23 Dec 96 22:48:03 
From: (Bill Frensley)
Organization: The University of Texas at Dallas
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In article <airliners.1996.2925@ohare.Chicago.COM>, (Per-Olof Litby (SunService Marketing - Nordic)) writes:
|> On 16 Dec 96 03:15:38 , (LesTroyens) wrote:
|> >The recent discussions over the Ethiopian 767 ditching brings to my mind a
|> >dim memory of a survivable sea landing by a SAS DC-8, probably in the
|> >early 60's.
|> >Anyone has data / specs?
|> Just found a few more facts: The incident happened on January 13, 1969
|> west of Los Angeles. The aircraft was LN-MOO, a DC-8-62.

This was written up in an accident analysis column in Flying magazine
in the early 1970's.  The incident was not specificly identified, but
it was pretty obviously this one.

The story, as I recall it, was that the DC-8 was on a back-course ILS
approach into LAX and the nose-gear-locked light failed to illuminate.
The crew decided to visually check the gear by removing an access plate
in the floor of the cabin.  The flight engineer did the unscrewing, but
this sufficiently distracted the Captain and FO that when they looked
up they had developed something like a 2000 ft per minute descent
rate and were passing through 500 feet.  They applied full throttle and
up elevator, just in time to execute an acceptable flare-out into
the water.

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