MD-17 vs. MD-11F/DC-10F

Date:         23 Dec 96 22:48:03 
From:         "J. Heilig" <>
Organization: Precision Scale Graphics
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Karl Swartz wrote:

> The MD-17 (commercial C-17) may lift greater weights, and has that
> nice rear cargo door for really big stuff.  I don't see where either
> is of great value to a package carrier like FedEx or UPS, though.

	I've heard the factor of an almost total lack of scissor lifts, etc as
being a major point in favor of a FedEx and/or UPS MD-17 purchase.  That
would allow them to cut *way* down on some fairly expensive ground
support equipment if they could simply roll cargo in and out of the rear
ramp.  It would also save time and manhours in handling cargo, and with
FedEx especially, every saved second counts bigtime...

Jennings Heilig