Re: ATR-72's and Airbuses

Date:         23 Dec 96 22:48:03 
From: (Filip De Vos)
Organization: University of Ghent, Belgium
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Karl Swartz (kls@ohare.Chicago.COM) wrote:
: >BA has (ISTR) only a couple of Airbuses that it picked up when it
: >bought Dan-Air.

: BA has ten A320s (a mix of -100 and -200 models) which it acquired as
: part of British Caledonian.  (I believe some were delivered after the
: acquisition.)

According to legend, BA made all sorts of noises and threaths about the
A320 not being sufficiently economical, failing to meet promised
standards, demanding rebates/subsidies etc. , a virtual replay of the
Vickers VC-10 fiasco. It got so bad that eventually Aribus offered to
take back the planes (they were selling really well and airlines were
clamoring for early delivery positions), and Airbus would buy some
Boeing 737s for BA to compensate.

BA promptly stopped making those claims.
But it never made repeat orders.

The tale may have been exagerated.

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