Re: Fate of the MD-11, MD-90, MD-95

Date:         23 Dec 96 22:48:01 
From:         Tom Turton <>
Organization: Hughes Training Inc.
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David Smith wrote:
> I don't think Airbus killed Douglas.  McDonnell killed Douglas.

Having worked at Douglas several times during my career, I'd
second that.  There were/are a lot of good technical people there,
and I'd fly on their airplanes any day (although I'm not keen
about the MD-11 :-) , but until my dying day, I'll always attribute
Douglas' downfall to lack of proper attention from the St Louis
folk.  And when ol' John McDonnell got his hands on the company
it was pretty much all over.

Here's to all my former coworkers at Douglas - may their heritage
keep on.  For those still working there, I can only pray the
transition will be smooth and that most will find a place in the
Boeing company; Boeing could do lots worse by keeping on the lot of

---Tom Turton