Re: Fate of the MD-11, MD-90, MD-95

Date:         23 Dec 96 22:48:01 
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>If you read the histories, you will find that Douglas first mortally
>wounded themselves.  They were too late with the DC-8 and had poor
>management during the 1960s, resulting in huge debts.

True, though the DC-8 wasn't that far behind the 707 and I didn't
think that it hurt all that much.  Boeing made some mistakes with
the 707 that gave the DC-8, though later, some advantages -- the
fuselage width, at least as originally designed, and poorer engines
to name two.

Production problems with the DC-9 during an order boom and too many
versions of the DC-8 in the Super Sixty form were the real killer
moves by Douglas.

>McDonnell "saved" them, but then shut down the DC-8 line too early
>(1972), before it reached break even.

And when it might have had some good prospects had they kept it going.

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