Re: Boeing 767 incident

From: (Eric Thomas)
Organization: The National Capital FreeNet
Date:         27 Feb 96 23:00:33 
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peter neville gurnell ( writes:
> (Eric Thomas) wrote:
>> I just heard on the radio an interesting story concerning a Canadian
>> airlines Boeing 767.  Apparently last night (Jan. 29), at Pearson
>> International airport in Toronto, Canada, the Boeing 767 was parked at its
>> landing gate, and suddenly a strong wind gust hit the plane such that the
>> plane rotated some 90 degrees, and nearly hit a British Airways 747.  The
>> report stated that the wind lifted the plane by its wings, causing it to
>> turn.
> A more likely scenario would be that the
> terminal apron was iced over and a strong wind blew the verical stab.
> such that the nose swung around.

Curiosity got the better of me, and I decided to telephone Canadian
Airlines (1-800-661-4716) and their public relations officer confirmed
that indeed there was ice on the ramp, and this ice did play a significant