Re: ATR-72's and Airbuses

Date:         19 Dec 96 03:06:33 
From:         Jean-Francois Bosc <>
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Joseph Edward Nemec <> writes:

> Jean-Francois Bosc wrote:
> > Well, there was one I read a few months ago showing that labor productivity
> > was higher in France than in any other country ...
> You must have misread.

Don't ... call me ... stupid !!! (Kevin Kline in "A Fish called Wanda")

> There have been a number of substantial, comprehensive reports on labor
> productivity, and all have the show the US to be the most efficient in most
> industries. Take a look at the McKinsey Global Institute's report, or the
> work of Wolf at NYU if you want examples.

Yes, studies made here say exactly the same. Well, err, that is to say, the
opposite ...

> Either way, exports make up only about 11% of US GNP, as opposed to over
> 20% for most European countries (most of which is simply them trading with
> their neighbors - I wonder if they will redefine "export" after EMU, if
> it happens).

Actually, since border controls inside EU were suppressed, a large part
of european "exports" never cross a single border. A good way to avoid
paying VAT.  And that's approximately the time when our export balance
became positive ...

> Come on, Airbus has received significant subsidies from the European
> governments, not only for development and design, but also in purchasing
> aircraft through national carriers.

Do you mean that Singapore buying Airbus is a subsidy, or that Air France
should use train ???