Re: Fate of the MD-11, MD-90, MD-95

Date:         19 Dec 96 03:06:32 
From:         Stephen La Joie <>
Organization: Eskimo North For Ever
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J. Heilig wrote:
> I suspect that the MD-88, MD-90, MD-95 and MD-11 order books are now
> officially closed.  I'm guessing you'll see completion of existing
> orders (doubtful in the case of the MD-95 > Valujet orders) and that
> will be that for Douglas products.  The C-17 will have to continue (to
> Boeing's delight, I'm sure), and it seems the "MD-17" civil derivative
> is looking very good to UPS and FedEx, so that may proceed.  Otherwise I
> can't see Boeing allowing the Douglas products from Long Beach to
> continute in production to compete with products made in Seattle.
> You'll probably see a lot of "Made in Long Beach" on subassembly parts
> containers heading for Seattle.

I don't think the Douglas order books are closed. Boeing seems to be
saying that they will let the market decide. It seems, tho, that the
market spoke before Boeing bought McD-D for 13.3 billion.

I don't speak for my employer, or anyone at Eskimo North.
Steve La Joie