Re: Fate of the MD-11, MD-90, MD-95

Date:         19 Dec 96 03:06:32 
From:         "David Smith" <>
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Planecrazy <> wrote in article
> I think that we are about to
> say goodbye to the large tri-jet and the rear-mounted twin for good.

Well, the DC-9 family has the narrowest fuselage of the Boeing and Douglas
airliners, so maybe it can serve the below-100 seat market, particularly
now that Fokker is gone.
But I don't expect Boeing to invest heavily in Douglas designs (besides
maybe the MD-17).

I don't think Airbus killed Douglas.  McDonnell killed Douglas.

As for beautiful airliners, while in general agreement with the TriStar
partisans, I vote for the 727, particularly as seen from below (or above,
but that is rare).  It looks like some kind of shark.

		David Smith