Re: McDonnell Douglas & Boeing To Merge -- Press Release Text

Date:         19 Dec 96 03:06:31 
From: (Michael Hore)
Organization: Kralizec Dialup Unix Sydney, +61-2-837-1183 V.32bis
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  or MIME structure (Andrew Boyd) writes:

>In europe, govt's pour taxpayer dollars into airbus
>specifically for the purpose of defeating boeing, a private-sector

Could you substantiate this assertion, please?

I asked the same question here a couple of weeks ago, and
the answer appeared to be that some European governments
gave Airbus *loans*, earlier on, which Airbus is
now in the process of paying off.  Nobody gave any
substantive information that any taxpayers' money is
currently going into Airbus.

But if you have any other information, I'm sure we'd all
be grateful to hear it.

Cheers,  Mike.

Mike Hore