Re: Airbus A320 flight controls

From:         Pete Mellor <>
Date:         27 Feb 96 23:00:32 
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Further to my previous message, quoting the page of the A320 FCOM
relating to sidestick priority logic:-

>       However, at any time, a deactivated stick can be reactivated by
>       momentarily pressing the takeover push button on either stick.
>                            ^^^                     ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>(changed from "... pressing its takeover pushbutton.")
> ...
> ... It would seem fairly sensible that a
> crew member whose *own* stick was deactivated should be able to
> reactivate it by pressing its *own* takeover pushbutton, and the
> REV 16 text states this clearly. However, the REV 18 text implies
> that, having deactivated FO's stick and taken control, the Captain
> would reactivate FO's stick by a subsequent action on the *Captain's*
> takeover pushbutton (or vice versa, reversing the roles of the two
> crew members).

I have since spoken to two members of BALPA, who confirmed that the
second interpretation is correct, and that this is what the pilots
wanted. I would guess that this required a software modification.

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