Re: KAL shot down by USSR in 1978 (_not_ KAL 007)

Date:         17 Dec 96 03:09:21 
From:         michael keenan <>
Organization: The University of Manitoba
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On 16 Dec 1996, ifly wrote:

> There are many incidents worldwide that don`t catch the attention of the
> public for one or another reason. My own favorite is the Aer Lingus
> Viscount shot down (accidently) by the British in 1968 (they deny it to
> this day).

I never heard of this one. Do you have any details?

> I had heard of that KAL shootdown when it happened, and some hay was made
> of it when The 007 was shot down,but as you say, if the deaths are few,
> and noone from your neighborhood is on the airplane, it`s rapidly
> forgotten by the general public in favor of tonight`s sports results.
> Just curious, how much coverage did the Iranian Airbus shot down by the
> US Navy get as opposed to KAL 007?
Don't know what the US coverage was like, but in Canada it was well
covered by the CBC. Kind of interesting seeing how the US originally said
the plane was way off course, then backpedalling when it's pointed out
that it was exactly where it was suposed to be.