Re: SAS ditching near LAX

Date:         17 Dec 96 03:09:21 
From: (Per-Olof Litby (SunService Marketing - Nordic))
Organization: Sun Microsystems AB
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On 16 Dec 96 03:15:38 , (LesTroyens) wrote:

>The recent discussions over the Ethiopian 767 ditching brings to my mind a
>dim memory of a survivable sea landing by a SAS DC-8, probably in the
>early 60's.
>Anyone has data / specs?

Not much detail, except that I know you are correct - it happened. I
was still a kid at the time, but I remember it being on top of the
news for several days.

IIRC, there was a very small (single figure) number of fatalities from
a plane filled almost to capacity.

If you find out more details - please forward.


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